Best RC Car for Racing

A review on Traxxas XO- 1/7 scale SWD supercar\

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An Introduction:

Radio control car is one of the popular toys available in the world. And these toys are especially popular amongst children. There are various reasons one could opt for a radio control car, and those reasons are like:

  • One can buy a radio control for simply playing with it, as it can offer you lots of fun.
  • If you want an adventure with different types of radio control toys, then you can buy it.
  • One of the most popular applications of radio control toys is competitions.
  • Radio control cars can offer a great opportunity to socialize. As with the help of radio control cars, you can make new friends, which can be really beneficial for you.

If you want to learn different mechanical skills, then radio control cars can be ideal for you.

So, these are the different reasons why you should buy a radio controlled car.

Specs and features:

If you are looking for the best rc car for racing, it can be said that Traxxas is one of the popular brands, and the features provided by it are also quite attractive. This makes it ideal for rc racing:

If you buy a Traxxas XO -1/7 scale SWD supercar, then you can get following features:

  • It has telemetry sensors on. It also provides TSM stability.
  • It has 2.4 GHz radio, with a wireless module.
  • It has shaft driven wheel drives.
  • It has Chubs of machined 6061 aluminum. It also has axle carriers and shock towers with 17 mm hex hubs.
  • It has bold pro graphics painted bodies.
  • The design is very much stylish.

It is designed in such way so that it can provide very high speed.

With these incredible features, the Traxxas XO – 1/7 can indeed be considered as the best rc car for racing.


The advantages and positive sides of this product are:

  • The design is very much stylish.
  • It has a telemetry sensor, so it adds an extra advantage.
  • The mechanical design of this car is really efficient.
  • The car is designed so perfectly, that it can offer you high speed in no time.
  • The out looking of this car is really good.
  • If you are looking for radio controlled cars with various colors, then you can definitely choose this brand.
  • You can use this car in different competitions.
  • The weight of the product is not too high.

It can take the speed up to 100mps in just 4.14 secs.

So, these are the pros of this radio controlled car.


If this car is not maintained properly, then it can get damaged and may not function well enough.


If you are looking for the best rc car for racing, then the Traxxas XO could be an ideal choice for you. Its incredible features and performance will surely make driving one, a pleasurable experience for you and that too, at a modest price.