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What is an RC car?

rc car

RC cars or radio controlled cars are the craze of the age. These cars are powered by gas or battery. These are basically toy cars with some unique features. RC Cars can be controlled from a distance using a specialized transmitter or remote control. These cars are controlled from a distance through radio frequency link connected to a remote or transmitter.

You might have seen in your childhood a remote car which was small in size and were controlled by a remote. Sometimes they were connected with a wire and sometimes through the medium of radio frequency. There were buttons on the remote to move the car, turn the car, and control the speed. RC cars are also just like those cars, but are more advanced in many senses.

These cars are more powerful than usual toy cars. RC cars can run with a speed between 5 to 25 km/h or more depending upon its power and models. Varieties of models are available for these cars. RC cars can also be off-road cars like buggies, trucks, monster trucks, cars, street trucks and many more. RC cars are also used for professional racing, which is known as RC car racing and are very popular now a day.

What is RC car racing?

RC car racing is one of the popular sports now a day. It is basically racing of RC cars in an arena. This racing is made professional as other racing. The beauty of this kind of racing is that none of the drivers get injured even if there is an accident of the car. This is because the driver or controller controls the car from a distance. Remote controlled cars run on the race track and compete with each other. RC racing is conducted very professionally by its governing body called the International Federation of Model Auto Racing or IMFAR in short. Even world championships are also organized in RC car racing which made this kind of racing more popular.

You must be wondering to try this kind of racing. But you may not have a proper idea how to get started in this racing. You need not worry, we have some knowledge for you regarding this racing that will surely assist you to get started.

How to get started?

Select Race for participation: At first you need to select the variety of races you are going to participate. There are many variants of RC car racing, but each of them is very much different. It may be off road racing or on road racing or monster car racing. You need to select one more racing in which you are interested and in which you are likely to participate. For assistance, you can chat with other professional racers in this field. You should choose racing according to your interest. The race in which you are more interested is the one in which you will have more chance to succeed. Check out our race track!

Choose the model of your car: Different models of RC cars are available for different forms of racing. If you are participating in off-road track, then you should choose 1/10th electric cars. This RC car is specially designed for off-road racing. Not only this, but there are sub-divisions of this model like 1/10th 2wd buggy, 1/10th 4wd buggy, and 1/10th trucks. So it becomes difficult to choose a particular. Let us help you to decide which car to choose. 2wd is the normal beginner class, and it is the most popular choice for off-road tracks. 4wd are a better choice only when you have mastered in controlling the car.

Purchase the car: When you choose your type of racing and model of car, then you just need to buy your RC car. You can buy the car from a store or an online website. You can see our favorite race car here.  We’ve had a lot of people ask us if you can use rc trucks to race. Well yes you can. Our track is mainly used for rc cars however we have had several people come in and use their trucks.

Helpful resources for picking out rc cars/trucks:




Practice regularly: It is well known that ‘practice makes perfect’. It is also applied in the case of RC car racing. The more you practice, the more perfect you will get in such racing. If you are willing to become a professional racer in this sport, you need to have a proper practice.

Choose your event and participate: After a proper practice, you are ready to participate in the race. You just need to choose a proper event for your start up and grow up in the sport.

There are different cars used for RC car racing. Here are the types that are used for such racing.

Cars used for Racing: As told earlier, there are verities of cars available which are used for RC car racing. There are basically two types of RC cars. One is off-road, and another is on-road.

  • On-road: On-Road cars are those which are specially built to run on flat, paved or concrete surfaces. These cars have more speed as compared to off-road cars. In this category you can find all types of real looking vehicle like race cars, touring cars, formula one car, truck, motorcycle, etc.

Ø  Off-road: Off-road cars are packed with those types of vehicles that can traverse all kinds of terrain. In this type monster trucks, desert trucks, buggies, rock crawler are quite popular. These types of cars are built to be extra tough to allow you drive almost anywhere. You can drive them on sand, rock, hill, etc. They do provide you toughness, but they do not provide much speed.

Different leagues are conducted for RC racing in different parts of the world. The biggest event in this racing is the world championship race. Let us get familiar with the types of racing and leagues for such racing.

Leagues for racing:

Radio Controlled Drag Racing League (RCDRL) is one of the most popular leagues for RC car racing. Different types of racing are conducted in this league like Extreme Outlaw, Pro Stadium Outlaw-2WD and 4WD, young gunners and many more.

Other leagues are Student Challenge, Southern Nationals, Vintage off-road nationals and many more. There is an endless list of such leagues. Different RC racing leagues and tournaments are conducted in various parts of the world and its gaining popularity day by day.

So if you are interested in RC car racing, then just go for it.